My Chiropracic Story
By Mr. Mark Broussard


I started going to Dr. Abshire about 3 years ago. I have arthritis in my neck and I could only turn my head to the left about 1/8 of the way.  I had constant pain in my shoulders, neck, and arms, and I would wake up in the morning with headaches. I had gone to orthopedic surgeons and had taken medicines but they did not help. I was leery of chiropractic care, as I had never really tried it. A friend recommended him to me and I was in so much pain I said I would try anything once to get rid of this pain. One impression was his honesty, that if he thought he could not help you he would tell you right away.  Dr. Abshire started massaging, stretching, and adjusting my neck. After about a few weeks I was sold on Chiropractic care because I could see the results start to happen. It took about 2 months at 2-3 times per week to work out all the soreness and return the ability to turn my neck to the left 100% again. The headaches in  the morning have gone away also. Today I am able to return to activities like fishing and other hobbies that I had previously stopped. I still go once a week and have my adjustment which keeps me relatively pain free. After a few years of treatment, I can say chiropractic has helped me a lot. Dr. Abshire and his wonderful staff have helped me return to my normal activities. What I have found about Dr. Abshire is that his office is run by a great professional staff that have become like family. I don’t think you could find a better more caring group of people anywhere. I am proud not only to be a patient but to call them friends.