My Chiropracic Story
By Shannon


When I first came in to Dr. Abshire’s office I was experiencing tremendous amounts of pain due to a flattened disc in my lower lumbar. The pain was in my lower back and down my right butt cheek and then down my leg. I was barely able to walk upright and when I did so, the pain was tremendously over powering. It simply was making my everyday life horrible and very painful.

Having been seeing Dr. Abshire for only a week or so, I can honestly say that I am doing extremely well, there are no more pains in my legs and my lower back is feeling wonderful. I also learned a few things along the way, like proper stretching and exercise. That really meant a lot to me, not only did they fix my back , but cared enough to let me know how to maintain a healthy posture. Thanks to Dr. Abshire and his wonderful staff, I can do things and act as if this back of mine had never ailed me in the first place. If you are experiencing any back trouble or things of that nature it would be wise to at least get a consultation scheduled. No one I know and care about deserves to live in that kind of pain.